1) What Kind Of Videos Can I share On ViralKid ?

We Believe That Every Kid Is Born Special.These are some Specific categories we like to share with you.

  • Kids Videos That Makes Us Smile
  • Kids Videos That shows Talent like singing,Dancing,Dub-mash,Rhymes With Action,Dialogues,Playing Musical Instruments,Playing Sports e.t.c

2)What Happen If I Share My Kids Videos ?

Your videos are going to upload to our YOUTUBE channel and to our Social Networking sites Facebook,Twitter,Instagram e.t.c Where your kids talent will shown to the World.

3)What is The AGE Limit ?

Months Baby to 12 Years

4) Is Viral Kid Is Free To Share Kids Videos ?

Yes,It Is Completely Free. We Don’t Charge any Thing.

5) How To Share Videos With You ?

We are Providing Easy Options That available to every one.

1)Whatsapp : You Can Directly share to Our Number i.e 9030516216


2) You can share Links From Youtube or Facebook

6)What Is the Lenght of the Video ?

Min 1 min to Max 20 min’s (Submit Your Video as lenght as possible. It helps your Kid to gain more attention and Attraction From audience)

7) What is the Maximum Size of the Video ?

You Can Share video directly on whatsapp if video size is less than 16 MB after joining Our Official Facebook group. (OR) You can upload Video in our group

8)How Much Time It Takes To Display My Video After sharing with Viral kid ?

It Takes up to 24-Hours. You will get status.